Friday, October 7, 2022

Strange Multi-chrome Water Marble

Hello everyone. Today I have another manicure from over 10 years ago! I initially called this manicure The Strange Duo-chromatic Water Marble; however, it was more multi-chromatic because it reflected more than two colors, so I've renamed it to the Strange Multi-chromatic Water Marble. 🙃


Strangely pretty

The nail polishes used for this manicure were: Zoya Reece, Zoya Adina, Zoya Ki, and Orly Shine on Crazy Diamond. I did the water marble design with the Zoya's and I topped it off with the Orly.

Zoya Reece is described as a rose metallic duo-chrome, Zoya Adina is described as a violet metallic multi-chrome with a frosty hint of green and magenta, and Zoya Ki is described as a multi-chromatic shade combining silver, purple, blue, and green in a shimmery metallic finish.

All of the Zoya's except for Reece are considered a multi-chromatic polish, so yes, this is definitely a multi-chromatic water marble design.

Although this water marble does look a bit strange, I still find it very beautiful, especially with the added holographic sparkle from Shine on Crazy Diamond. Anyways, I thought this one is also quite Fall appropriate so I thought I'd share this one for such a time as this, which is right now. 😉

As always, thanks for tuning in.💖

Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Reminds me of Fall

Hello everyone.😊

Today I have two very very old manicures to share with you!

These are both almost 10 years old.😊

Since Fall is basically here, I thought I'd share both of these; they're very similar, as I used the same nail polishes and water marble technique.

The first one I designed like this.

The second one is from a little later that same year.

A little collage I pieced together. :) I used to do this a lot back then.
I love this color combination so much, to this very day. 

The nail polishes used for both manicures were: Sally Hansen Cinna-Snap, Sinful Colors All About You, Sally Hansen Black Out & Wet n Wild Sunny Side Up. 


Thank you for reading. 💖

Friday, September 30, 2022

Red nails with White Polka Dots

A very very old throw-back manicure that I posted on various social media platforms, but never on here because this was long before I had this platform.

Here we have Red nails with White Polka Dots! 😀

You can tell this is an ancient picture lol.

This picture is over 10 years old 😲 You can easily tell by the quality lol. I took this picture on my Droid 3 camera phone haha. But honestly, I love looking back at my pictures like this. It goes to show how far I've come in terms of taking much higher quality photos!!

I had to look back at my post on Pinterest to see what I used for this manicure. 

Polishes used: Zoya America, Wet n Wild French White, & Orly Shine On Crazy Diamond.

America by Zoya was used for the red base, the white polka dots were French White by Wet n Wild, and I used a dotting tool to create the polka dots. Lastly, I topped the nail art with one coat of Orly Shine On Crazy Diamond. 😊 A very simple manicure I remember enjoying. It was around the first time I ever used a dotting tool, and I remember being so excited LOL.

But yes, I do plan on posting just about all of my older manicures from before I had this website because I want them on here and not just on other platforms, ya know? This isn't the original picture  I had on other places though, you could say this a slightly remastered version of it that you can see a bit more clearly. I tried to make it look a bit better without ruining the original look and feel of the picture.

Anyways, that's actually all I have for right now. Don't be surprised if some days I'm posting 2-3 times because like I said, I have a lot of photos from the far past and present!

As always, thank you so very much for your love and support. 💖

Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Wow, first post in over 6 years

First and foremost, I want to thank every single person who viewed, liked, and shared any of my content. Thank you so very much💖! It's crazy how this is my first post in over 6 years! Where did the time go!? 😮 A lot has happened in those 6 years, but I am delighted to say that I am back to start creating nail content again!

But, before I get to more recent nail art and swatches, I have some old manicures from before I even started this nail blog to post first!
Once again, a huge thank you, to everyone who stayed with me all those years. Some well before I even started this website, because I've been doing nail-related content on social media platforms years before I even started this website. Some of you have been with me since all the way back then, all the way til now, and I just want to thank you all so very much. Words honestly can't describe how thankful I am.


Very sincerely, Vinnae.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Maybelline Styled Out

Hello, everyone! Today I've got this nail polish I've had in my collection for almost four years to share with you!!!

Two coats of Maybelline Styled Out, without topcoat.

Two coats of Maybelline Styled Out, with topcoat.

A lovely blue metallic. With topcoat.

Maybelline Styled Out is a medium-dark dusty aqua-leaning blue with flaky foil shimmer and a satin finish.
This is one of those polishes that I'm kicking myself for not wearing sooner because it's so ridiculously pretty,
This polish has such a great formula; I still can't believe I've had it for almost four years and never wore it.
I unquestionably see myself wearing this again during the fall! I absolutely love this polish. ♥

Thanks for reading!!! XOXO

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Zoya Sia & Sally Hansen Black and Blue

Hey, guys! What's up? Do let me know in the comment section down below.
Today, I have more swatches! If you haven't noticed, I've been trying to focus a bit more on swatching the nail polishes I have in my collection, because I have hundreds of polishes I've never swatched or worn! So, for today I have two polishes I swatched/wore together.

Zoya Sia and Sally Hansen Black and Blue.

Such a lovely combination.

Mmm. Multi-chromatic polish.

For this manicure. I only used one coat, yes, just one coat of Zoya Sia, which Zoya describes as a true, royal blue cream, and one coat of Sally Hansen Black and Blue which I describe as a deep, sheer teal with a multi-chromatic finish that shifts from green to blue, and purple to pink, depending on the lighting.

I will say that I'm very impressed by the formula Zoya Sia has! I wasn't expecting it to have such full coverage in just one coat!
Now, I was expecting Black and Blue by Sally Hansen to be like a sheer multi-chrome topcoat, so I wasn't surprised by it being sheer.
The one thing I don't like about Black and Blue is that it's a little streaky, but aside from that, it's a nice multi-chromatic polish that I definitely see myself wearing again this Fall.

♥ Thanks for reading! ♥ XOXO

Friday, August 12, 2016

Zoya Cece

Hello, everyone! Today I have the last polish from the Summer 2016 Zoya Seashells collection to share with you!

Cece by Zoya.

A beautiful green textured polish. ♥

Zoya describes Cece as a full impact green, textured PixieDust with a thin vein of gold creating a fizzy lemon-lime effect.
This polish certainly reminds me of lemons and limes, but of course, when I start imagining lemons and limes, I think about Sprite which is my favorite soda, although I don't really drink soda often, haha.
Anywho, for this polish, I only needed two easy coats like almost all the other polishes in the collection!
I really like the bright spring/summer vibes this polish gives off; it's very nice.

Thanks for reading!!! ♥ XOXO ♥