Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Glittery Multi-Chromatic Nails

Hello everyone, I hope your all doing well!
Today I've got this glittery multi-chromatic manicure to show you. ^_^


On the thumb, index, and pinky finger nails I applied one coat of Zoya Dagmara, and one coat of Nubar Star Sparkles. On the middle & ring fingers I did a water marble & glitter border. 
For the water marble I used Zoya Ki & Revlon Chameleon; and for the glitter border I used Nubar Star Sparkles, once again. :)

Overall, I'm pretty satisfied with the way these turned out!

This post has been updated as of 2/5/2023

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Nubar Star Sparkle:

Zoya Ki:

Revlon Chameleon:

I'm honestly not 100% sure if Revlon's Chameleon is discontinued or not but I know for a fact all Nubar nail polishes are because the brand Nubar no longer makes nail polish. I seriously wonder why because they've made some all-time next-level amazing nail polishes. And as of this update, Zoya's Ki is currently not discontinued, thankfully because it is an extra gorgeous polish. 🥰

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