Sunday, April 24, 2016

My Glittery Birthday Mani

Hey everyone! Today I have the manicure I'm wearing today for my birthday!
I wanted something really sparkly, so this is what I came up with!

The sparkly 18th birthday mani.

 Nail polishes used: Zoya Arlo, Julep Queen Anne, Zoya Cosmo, Nubar Star Sparkle, Zoya Vega, Sally Hansen Bling-tastic, Zoya Bar, Sephora Rich Gold, Zoya Ginni, & Zoya Luxe.   Goodness, that was a lot of polish!


Yep, that was my birthday manicure!
It was extremely easy to create. All I did was a one color glitter gradient on all of the nails... that's it. Oh, and I made sure that the color I used for the gradient was in the same color family as the polish I used for the base! I did that because I wanted the gradient to be subtle.

Thanks for reading! xoxo

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Color Club Love 'Em Leave 'Em & Zoya Bar

Hi there.
Today I have another one of those manicures I did last year and never posted anywhere.
Here is Color Club Love 'Em Leave 'Em & Zoya Bar!

Two coats of Color Club Love 'Em Leave 'Em, & three thick coats of Zoya Bar.

Sun must've gone behind a cloud...

Love 'Em Leave 'Em is a warm light gold with a subtle holographic effect, and Zoya describes Bar as a glittery nude topaz in the ultra textured matte, holographic Magical Pixie formula.
I absolutely love this combination! It's so glam, yet neutral at the same time. ^_^
Love 'Em Leave 'Em was an easy two coats, whereas Bar is definitely much more on the sheer side.
As you can see in the pictures, you can still kind of see through to my nail a bit, even after three thick coats!
But this polish is so pretty, I really don't mind it being so sheer.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Sinful Colors Sugar High

Hi there! Today I have another textured polish to show you.
This one is from the Live in Color Land collection that sinful colors released for spring this year.

 Three coats of Sinful Colors Sugar High.

Sugar High is a textured deep blue with pink, blue, & purple shimmer.
Oh my goodness. It is so pretty! These photos don't do it justice, it looks way prettier in person!
Because it is a textured polish, it dries very quickly, and it had a formula that was very easy to work with.
My only (very small) complaint is that it is a bit on the sheer side and did take three coats.
But because it's such a pretty polish, I really don't mind at all!
I wore this polish for about five days with little to no chips, which is extremely impressive for a drugstore textured polish!

Overall, I am very happy with this polish. It has a good formula, dries quickly, and wears well.
I'm very impressed!

Monday, April 11, 2016

Julep Lydia

Hello there! Today I have some photos of Julep Lydia to share with you.

Two coats of Julep Lydia.

Julep describes Lydia as a pyrite textured polish... I'd say that's pretty accurate.
This polish has a very thick opaque formula, and if you're careful enough you could actually get away with one coat.
I wore this polish for about four days and had little to no chips. More than anything else I was very impressed with how well it wore, (mind you I'm extremely hard on my nails, so the fact that it lasted that long without any top coat is very impressive.)

I think Juleps textured polishes are amazing. They wear well, and they usually have really good formulas. I love them.

Butter London Muggins & Sinful Colors Love Sprinkles

Hello there!
I have a ton of manicures from last year that I never posted anywhere on the internet... and this is one of them. This is Butter London Muggins & Sinful Colors Love Sprinkles.

Two coats of Butter London Muggins & one coat of Sinful Colors Love Sprinkles.

Muggins is a very cool-toned lilac with slight gray undertones, and Love Sprinkles is a clear based polish with matte white and pink hexes, and matte white hearts in a clear base.

I remember Muggins had a very creamy, easy to work with formula just like all the other Butter London polishes I've tried. Love Sprinkles was a pleasure to work with, as well. As you can see, in one coat you get pretty good coverage.

Thanks for reading. Xoxo.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Kiko Pearly Golden Green

Hello! I really need to post here more often... I feel like it's been thirty years.

Anyways, today I have swatches of a Kiko polish to show you!
Kiko is becoming a favorite brand of mine.
Their polishes are inexpensive & the quality is excellent.

Here is Pearly Golden Green by Kiko:

Pearly Emerald Green is an emerald green with a metallic foil finish and is loaded with gold & bright green glass looking flecks.

 Please excuse the awkward hand pose, lol.

I absolutely love this polish! The formula was fast drying and was very easy to work with. ♥