Thursday, June 16, 2016

Kiko Pistachio

Hello, everyone! It's been awhile... I'm sorry I keep disappearing at random for like, two weeks at a time.
I swear I don't do it on purpose!
It's just that I think I haven't posted in like two or three days, and then I check and it says I haven't posted in two weeks, and I'm like, what!?
The year has been going by so fast for me! I can't believe we're past half of the year already!
Anyways, today I have a Kiko polish (which I don't really like that much) to share with you! ^_^

Two coats of Kiko Pistachio. >_>

Kiko Pistachio is a pastel green polish with sprinkles of dark green, & orange glitters, and as you can see, it dries with a textured finish as well.
It's not a terrible looking polish, but I just don't think it looks good on me.
The formula being a bit patchy and difficult to work with doesn't help anything either.
Overall, I don't like this polish, unfortunately. :(
But even though I don't like it, I thought I'd share anyways because someone else might love polishes like this!

Thanks for reading!

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