Sunday, August 14, 2016

Zoya Sia & Sally Hansen Black and Blue

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Today, I have more swatches! If you haven't noticed, I've been trying to focus a bit more on swatching the nail polishes I have in my collection, because I have hundreds of polishes I've never swatched or worn! So, for today I have two polishes I swatched/wore together.

Zoya Sia and Sally Hansen Black and Blue.

Such a lovely combination.

Mmm. Multi-chromatic polish.

For this manicure. I only used one coat, yes, just one coat of Zoya Sia, which Zoya describes as a true, royal blue cream, and one coat of Sally Hansen Black and Blue which I describe as a deep, sheer teal with a multi-chromatic finish that shifts from green to blue, and purple to pink, depending on the lighting.

I will say that I'm very impressed by the formula Zoya Sia has! I wasn't expecting it to have such full coverage in just one coat!
Now, I was expecting Black and Blue by Sally Hansen to be like a sheer multi-chrome topcoat, so I wasn't surprised by it being sheer.
The one thing I don't like about Black and Blue is that it's a little streaky, but aside from that, it's a nice multi-chromatic polish that I definitely see myself wearing again this Fall.

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