Friday, September 30, 2022

Red nails with White Polka Dots

A very very old throw-back manicure that I posted on various social media platforms, but never on here because this was long before I had this platform.

Here we have Red nails with White Polka Dots! 😀

You can tell this is an ancient picture lol.

This picture is over 10 years old 😲 You can easily tell by the quality lol. I took this picture on my Droid 3 camera phone haha. But honestly, I love looking back at my pictures like this. It goes to show how far I've come in terms of taking much higher quality photos!!

I had to look back at my post on Pinterest to see what I used for this manicure. 

Polishes used: Zoya America, Wet n Wild French White, & Orly Shine On Crazy Diamond.

America by Zoya was used for the red base, the white polka dots were French White by Wet n Wild, and I used a dotting tool to create the polka dots. Lastly, I topped the nail art with one coat of Orly Shine On Crazy Diamond. 😊 A very simple manicure I remember enjoying. It was around the first time I ever used a dotting tool, and I remember being so excited LOL.

But yes, I do plan on posting just about all of my older manicures from before I had this website because I want them on here and not just on other platforms, ya know? This isn't the original picture  I had on other places though, you could say this a slightly remastered version of it that you can see a bit more clearly. I tried to make it look a bit better without ruining the original look and feel of the picture.

Anyways, that's actually all I have for right now. Don't be surprised if some days I'm posting 2-3 times because like I said, I have a lot of photos from the far past and present!

As always, thank you so very much for your love and support. 💖

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