Friday, October 7, 2022

Strange Multi-chrome Water Marble

Hello everyone. Today I have another manicure from over 10 years ago! I initially called this manicure The Strange Duo-chromatic Water Marble; however, it was more multi-chromatic because it reflected more than two colors, so I've renamed it to the Strange Multi-chromatic Water Marble. 🙃


Strangely pretty

The nail polishes used for this manicure were: Zoya Reece, Zoya Adina, Zoya Ki, and Orly Shine on Crazy Diamond. I did the water marble design with the Zoya's and I topped it off with the Orly.

Zoya Reece is described as a rose metallic duo-chrome, Zoya Adina is described as a violet metallic multi-chrome with a frosty hint of green and magenta, and Zoya Ki is described as a multi-chromatic shade combining silver, purple, blue, and green in a shimmery metallic finish.

All of the Zoya's except for Reece are considered a multi-chromatic polish, so yes, this is definitely a multi-chromatic water marble design.

Although this water marble does look a bit strange, I still find it very beautiful, especially with the added holographic sparkle from Shine on Crazy Diamond. Anyways, I thought this one is also quite Fall appropriate so I thought I'd share this one for such a time as this, which is right now. 😉

As always, thanks for tuning in.💖

Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Reminds me of Fall

Hello everyone.😊

Today I have two very very old manicures to share with you!

These are both almost 10 years old.😊

Since Fall is basically here, I thought I'd share both of these; they're very similar, as I used the same nail polishes and water marble technique.

The first one I designed like this.

The second one is from a little later that same year.

A little collage I pieced together. :) I used to do this a lot back then.
I love this color combination so much, to this very day. 

The nail polishes used for both manicures were: Sally Hansen Cinna-Snap, Sinful Colors All About You, Sally Hansen Black Out & Wet n Wild Sunny Side Up. 


Thank you for reading. 💖